About Us

Solid Rigs is a manufacturer of exploration drill rigs and drilling tools and have been in production since the 1950's.

Our new range of exploration drill rigs (SRD series) have been designed to be versatile, have a low environmental footprint, reliable and solid, so they can withstand the demanding challenges of been an exploration drill rig in harsh rugged environments and climates.

Our drill rigs are designed to be rugged yet simple, so serviceability and maintenance become much more simplistic.

To ensure the rigs reliability as well as multiple access to spare parts, all main components are sourced from major brands including Cummins, Rexroth, Sauer-Danfoss, Eaton, Braden and Linde

We aim to provide our clients with products that bring added value to their business, all without compromising on quality or safety.

Designed for Harsh Conditions:

Solid Rigs understands that not all drillers are the same. In order to produce a drill rig that is best suited to the Australian drilling conditions, Solid Rigs undertook an 18 month R&D drilling program that brought together some of the industries most outstanding professionals who provided their unique expertise and offerings in improving the SRD series. The SRD series have been tested and built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the Australian outback and have being fitted with an upgraded cooling system, increased hydraulic tank capacity for effective cooling.  


 Safety is the main priority for any drilling, exploration or mining company. That is why all our rigs are fitted with emergency stops, spin down cage and fire suppression systems as an optional extra. We can also install any additional customised safety features at your request.